Do Essential Oils Contain Vitamins, Proteins or Enzymes?

Oily Family Blog Post
July 27, 2017
Oily Family Blog Post

With very rare exceptions, essential oils do not usually contain vitamins, proteins or enzymes.  Proteins and enzymes will not usually make it through the essential oil distillation process for 2 main reasons:  The first is that their molecules are too large…they are unable to rise and pass over the distillation process.

The second reason is that proteins and enzymes cannot withstand the high temperatures because they break down very easily when exposed to heat.  There is a rare chance that vitamins A, C, D, E, and K could be present in essential oils, but this shouldn’t occur on a regular basis.

Citrus essential oils could theoretically contain trace amounts of proteins; however these molecules would be too large to pass through the skin and enter the body when applied topically.  Citrus oils can also contain beta-carotene, but it wouldn’t be enough to be considered a dietary source.

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